May 2, 2010

UAobserver: Tymoshenko: Russia absorbs Ukraine, and this can not be tolerated

UAobserver: Tymoshenko: Russia absorbs Ukraine, and this can not be tolerated
Saturday, May 1, 2010, 16:33
Opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko has said Saturday that if the "Naftogaz” of Ukraine and Russian Gazprom will unite the Ukraine will have only 6% stake in the joint management structure.
She stated this at a press conference in Lutsk, the official website said.
"After the experts estimation the share of Ukraine in the joint venture will be 6.1. In such circumstances Ukraine would be unable to influence the management of these objects "- she said.

According to Julia Timoshenko, the Russian government attempts to exert shadow privatization of the Ukrainian national ownership in the interests of Russian corporations.
"When Ukraine is being dissolved in a strange state environment I think we all don’t have the right to remain silent, tolerate and behave quietly" - she said.
Tymoshenko also reminded that the Ukrainian government has now expressed willingness to consider the proposals by the Russian Government on merger of the “Rosatom” with Ukrainian “Enerhoatom”, Ukrainian Railways with Russian Railways and the inclusion of the "Ukrgidroenergo” in the charter capital of Russian enterprises.
"This is not about uniting efforts, this is not about synergy, which can give a birth to additional opportunities for Ukraine. This is illegal takeover by the Russian Federation of our energy, industrial, transportation potential," - she said.
"In case of this acquisition Ukraine will always be a minority shareholder and owner, that does not affect any developments in the management of newly created monsters" – she emphasized .
As known Friday Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin proposed to merge Gazprom and Naftogaz Ukraine ".